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October, 25, 2010



Mike Ramos, of Mike Ramos Photography, Inc. recently completed a project for a major waterfront real estate development in Pinellas County as the commercial photographer for the project from pre-sales through construction. After an early career and technical training with the best in New York City Mike relocated to the Greater Tampa Bay area and began building his commercial photography practice. Twenty years later he is one of the dominant commercial photographers in the region and millions people drive by his work every day as they commute throughout the greater Bay area. He has been able to grow his practice not only because of the quality of his work, but also because of his humanity. He is warm and kind, and has always put the customer first. 

It seems to work. His collaboration with one of the top graphic designers in the region provided this Tampa Bay area developer with the brand and images to sell 53 million dollars in real estate. 


“In the business world everybody likes to be driven by data and hopefully good data at that!” said Bryan St.Laurent, an advisor of Mike’s in his growing Power Group. “Everyone is asking about metrics and ROI and KPI’s etc., but I think those conversations rarely occur or are barely tracked by photographers per se because they are the ‘artists’ in the mix.”


“Well, when your work allows your client to move 53 million dollars in real estate, then I think you’ve got a metric that will cause people to sit up and listen” and they do said Bryan in an interview on October 22nd. 

Mike and his colleagues have worked throughout Greater Tampa Bay, and in Tallahassee, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Peru. 


When he is not in the studio you can find him on the handball court or fishing. You can view his work at: 

For more information: 

Bryan St.Laurent

941 479 0811 

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