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“I don’t know, there’s something not right. I’m going to drop the shutter speed down a ¼ stop. Michelle, give me a little more personality. Let’s see those eyes!” Mike Ramos is in full creative swing. The digital shutter of his “state of the art” digital photo rig begins to pulsate. ON the other end of the monitor, the clients grin with amazement, “Wow, what a difference, that’s it Mike, we’ve got it! Let’s move on.”


With thousands of shoots under his belt Mike has seen it all. Catalogs, corporate year-end reports, product shots, etc. There are few things Mike hasn’t seen through a viewfinder. “There is no place I would rather view the world than behind a camera,” Mike reflects as he’s ready for his next shoot. “I love to take pictures. When I meet with a client, my only goal is to make them and their product look good.”


As a graduate of the NY School of Visual Arts, Mike learned very early a strong creative and work ethic. Never afraid of a challenge, he once scaled the Brooklyn Bridge to get a perfect shot of NY City. “The NYPD and Harbor Patrol didn’t know what to think of me. Here’s this kid climbing around the Brooklyn Bridge, with only a camera and his only excuse is he’s just trying to get a ‘great’ shot of the city.”


“I’m not afraid to take chances, but I’m not willing to risk the confidence that clients give to me. It’s all about balance. I can do the greatest creative work I’ve ever done, but if the clients are not happy, then I haven’t done my job,” Mike reflects. “I just want to keep still moving forward, make my clients happy and take on new challenges.”



Mike Ramos

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